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Why choose NP?

  • You have creative control

  • No literary agent needed

  • End result will be an industry-standard book

  • One on one help

  • Provide you with a marketing strategy

  • You keep all rights and royalties

  • Experienced guidance

  • No guesswork. 

  • You keep all rights and royalties!

In short, our programs are for writers that want to create their very first industry-standard book, that is marketable and therefore profitable. You have the guidance of a big-time publishing house, without the liability. Putting your thoughts on paper for others to see, humbling and yet rewarding experience. It may also be very intimidating once you realize all that goes into the business side of becoming an author. Together we will come up with a specific marketing plan tailored to fit your needs, that will set you up for success.


Not sure what the difference is between self-publishing and traditional publishing?


Traditional Publishing:

  • Publisher has full creative control of your project

  • Literary Agent needed

  • Literary Agent charges a fee

  • Long processing/production time

  • Most do not offer marketing assistance

  • There may be surprises in your contract

  • May not offer marketing assistance

  • Publisher keeps all rights to your manuscript

  • You have to be a celebrity or well-known


As an independent publishing boutique, our job is to help you to achieve your dream of becoming a self-published quickly as possible. With a traditional publishing house, their goal for your project is all that matters. Here at NP, you will feel a part of a team, with the common goal of bringing your vision to life. 

We will help you to self publish. This means that you will make a one-time investment and keep all rights and royalties to your manuscript. You will also walk away with the pride and sense of accomplishment of becoming a SELF PUBLISHED AUTHOR!! Oh, what a dream! 

Traditional Pub

Submission Process

1. Complete a 30 min consultation to determine if NP is a good fit for your manuscript; if so you will be invited to submit your manuscript to begin Step 2. 

  • Note: Please have any parties present for consultation that can affect your financial decisions (ex: spouse, partner, parent/guardian).

2. Manuscript assessment ( determines the level of refining needed)

3. Manuscript placed in its proper refining tier (Tier 1: finished manuscript, ready for production; Tier 2: Manuscript that needs conceptual development; Tier 3: Manuscript that needs edits and proofreading)

4. Production (cover design, interior design, and print prepping)

5. Distribution (upload of paperback and ebook onto forums)

6. Light marketing

Submission Process
Ready for your next steps? 

Thanks for submitting!

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